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I wanted to feature an artist who has some of the most amazing post-disaster photo-journalism I've ever seen. Most of his photos take place in and around the Middle East, showing images from Turkey's earthquake to conflict in Libya. I have requested for many of his photos to be featured in our gallery, as they'd make perfect additions, but it doesn't appear that he's been online for a long time. I encourage you to browse his gallery and take a look!

Here are some of my favorites.
earthquake-turkey in van3 by abdullahcoskunlibya-tunisia border16 by abdullahcoskunlibya-tunisia border3 by abdullahcoskunlibya-tunisia border6 by abdullahcoskunearthquake4 by abdullahcoskun1 mayis-Turkey social action5 by abdullahcoskuniraq border by abdullahcoskun

Mature Content

bomb injured by abdullahcoskun

Note: this photo-journalism documenting real-life "human survival" would make fantastic content for the gallery. If you spot any on dA that is valuable, please send a request right away!
More Journal Entries

Welcome to Human Survival

Warning: The images in this gallery may contain material of both real and imagined events and situations, unsuitable for some viewers. Please, viewer discretion IS advised.

Can you imagine life beyond the safety-net of modern society living? What happens when war strikes, when natural disasters occur, or when you've suddenly found yourself in a survival situation, and every minute counts? Will you save yourself or devote your entire being to saving others? Would you suffer from fear and panic, or would you gather your bearings and take control of the situation? Can you even eat food that isn't cooked in the microwave or at the local restaurant?!

What exactly is the "theme" of Human Survival?

To put it simply, the theme is the survival, and struggles, of humanity. What we are looking for are depictions of struggle, whether it is inward or outward, against nature, against other humans, against our selves. How we lived, died, fought, fled, helped others or helped ourselves when our lives are pushed to the knife's edge. Survival is ugly, gritty, and painfully revealing of our true nature. The every-day office employee is tomorrow's serial murderer, when he realizes he must find food to survive.

In essence, the theme here is primarily but not necessary apocalyptic in nature. The artwork, however, does not need to be apocalyptic. A car-crash, for example, is a clear example of human survival, but not apocalypse-themed. The depiction can take place in real life or in imagined situations, however, we would like to keep "sci-fi" to a minimum, as believability is a core component of human survival.

What kind of artwork is accepted here?

:gun: Depictions of war, famine, natural disasters (example battlefields, destroyed towns, earthquakes, etc)
:gun: Depictions of people that suffer from these events, or that learn to survive in them (example destitute families, a gunman, hunter, soldier, cowboy, street children, etc)
:gun: Fanart for video games, novels, or movies that center around this basic theme, but only as long as the theme is present. (such as Fallout 3, Children of Men, Hatchet, The Patriot, etc) Do NOT submit something that simply shows a character from said media without representation of survival
:gun: Literature centered around this theme. Fanfiction is accepted as long as it obeys the above rule.
:gun: Objects or places that imply abandonment, apocalypse, emergency, or anything of the sort.
:gun: Humor, as long as it doesn't disobey below rules.

What kind of work is NOT accepted?

:tombstone: Anything that is racist, sexist, anything-ist, or supports a certain real-life political group, movement, or nation (such as Muslims as terrorists, United States as elitists, etc). Fictional groups (example 1984's The Party) are permitted.
:tombstone: Photographs of actual murder or other distressful artwork that for some reason is not flagged.
:tombstone: Animals, fantastical creatures, or otherwise non-human subjects. This is about Human survival. However, images may have an animal (real-life animal ONLY) in the photo alongside the subject, and some exceptions may be made if the animal represents the category "Symbolic Struggles".
:tombstone: Fantasy or obviously Sci-Fi artwork. The purpose of this group is stay as true to reality as possible.
:tombstone: Fanart/fiction that simply represents a character from said media without representation of survival
:tombstone: A natural landscape scene with no evidence of survival theme (example lacking hunter, wild fire, battle, etc).
:tombstone: Humor that is crude, excessively violent/dark, or would otherwise defame this group.
:tombstone: Screenshots from games or movies. Edited screenshots are also not accepted.
:tombstone: Art with very little or no artistic value, content, or effort, including simple or rough sketches. Just because it represents the theme doesn't mean it will add much value to the gallery, so avoid anything you consider to be poor quality art.

Please do not feel dejected or insulted if I were to decline your submission. If you have any questions about the reasons for declining, feel free to ask. If not, be sure to review the rules.

I'm looking forward to your support!

What are the categories?

Featured This is reserved for only the outstanding representations of Human Survival. You cannot submit to this folder, however, you may have a chance of having your image submitted to this folder by the Founder.
Soldiers, Fighters, Warfare This folder is for any depiction of a subject that is military themed, either an official military such as United States Army, or a rebellion group or faction.
Hunters, Predators, Killers If the subject is non-military/non-faction but is clearly someone capable of taking a life or causing trauma in others, such as a murderer, rapist, gunman, zombie, etc, this is the appropriate folder for it.
Landscapes, Panoramic, Cityscapes A folder for the corresponding images. If the image is considered a landscape or cityscape but has a number of human subjects in the image, please consider putting it into the category more suited for the subjects than the environment.
Civilians, Families, Children This is for all images of non-military/non-faction subjects that do not and cannot harm others. They can be victims of a disaster or assisting others who are in need, or simply in a disaster situation but also not affiliated. This can be an unarmed police man, a hurricane victim, children running in the streets, etc.
Symbolic StrugglesThis is a folder for images in which the theme of Survival is present but not altogether obvious, and requires closer observation and inference to find the meaning of the image. What is considered "Symbolic" is up to your best guess, as symbolic meanings are interpreted very differently between different people.
Positive Outlook, Humorous Positive Outlook means that the subject is in a survival situation, but the overall mood and atmosphere is the image is not grim or depressing, but rather, one of hope and even cheerfulness. Humorous images are also added to this category, such as jokes and comics, or perhaps a survival accident (as long as the said depicted accident does not break any rules).
Objects, Interiors This folder is reserved for objects and interiors of survival. This could be any building, object, vehicle, etc that has shown that is has been involved in a disaster or devastating event, even no longer functions. Objects could also be things designed for human use during disasters, such as a weapon, an emergency backpack, stores of food, etc. Interior spaces should show clear signs of having been involved in a disaster.
Literature Any written deviation centered around the theme of Human Survival should be submitted here. Examples could be a personal account of a soldier, a short story in which the characters are involved in a life-and-death situation, a fan-fiction also of the same nature (but the characters MUST be human, and no Fantasy genre is accepted.), or even a poem. It's up to you.

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